Take the fear out of medical procedures. Take the fear out of medical procedures. Take the fear out of medical procedures.
Meet Spud

Take the fear out of medical procedures.

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Take the fear out of medical procedures.

Personalised learning experiences that leave children feeling confident and in control.

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Start a conversation between your child and a smart bot that uses developmentally appropriate language.

Personalise the procedure

Create a procedural plan to use with your child and share with healthcare professionals.

Empower your child

Learn simple techniques to help your child manage their pain and anxiety, building lifelong skills that empower them.

COVID-19 Notice:

Comfort Quest Swab Plan

We partnered with experts at The Meg Foundation to develop a Swab Plan app for children that undergo a COVID-19 test.

Complete the online Swab Plan on any device and receive an email report of your child's game plan. There are plenty of educational tips and tactics for you to try. Access it now for free - no strings attached.

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Why is this important?

Distress and anxiety during procedures can have lifelong, harmful implications on the child’s health.

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Unfortunately, most health providers often don't do much at all to manage pain...

It doesn’t have to be this way.


There are plenty of proven methods that anyone can learn to help a child manage their pain and anxiety.

Comfort Quest Chatbot - Spud Waving

Meet Spud

Enjoy chatting with Spud (our smart chatbot) with easy-to-follow, clear education and excellent use of developmentally appropriate language.

Spud will teach you and your child proven skills for managing pain and anxiety during procedures.

Our purpose is to empower them with the confidence and skills to achieve lifelong, quality health outcomes.

Interactive Tools. Discover even more possibilities.

Our interactive tools can help you and your child be more prepared and take the focus off nasty painful procedures.

The girls had to have their follow up flu jabs today. They walked confidently in, books in hand ready for it.

No crying, no pre-procedure anxiety. 




He loved Spud, he wants to call him and tell him how he went.

The child friendly language and videos worked really well.




Partner with us

We partner with healthcare and non-government organisations to educate families how to manage a child’s pain and anxiety during treatments. Discover what Comfort Quest can do for you.

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