A simple tool that turns anxiety into patient experiences families love.

Built specifically for improving a child's vaccination experience, in partnership with clinical psychologist Dr. Jody Thomas. Children engage with a chatbot to learn evidence-based coping skills and to create a personalised plan.

It helps to mitigate a child's needle-related anxiety and improves the customer experience.

Kids Don't Love Needles

As healthcare providers, you understand that needle-related procedures can be a source of anxiety and fear for children.

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Holding Kids Down

Did you know that holding your child during a needle procedure can be traumatic and have long-lasting effects?

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Making Business Sense

A negative experience can lead to the loss of existing or potential patients, which ultimately hurts your business bottom line.

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My son is overly anxious, needing 2 nurses to give him the poke. This time, only 1 nurse and he was super calm. A world of difference because he felt prepared and felt heard! Thank you so much!


Quick & Easy To Get Started

Provide patient families access to the web app with your unique link and QR code in-store. Every comfort plan create by your patient is sent directly to your inbox.

Personalised Comfort Plans Lead To Calmer Families

Families create their own comfort plan in minutes at home, or in the waiting room. Preparing and empowering children with a plan helps reduce stress for staff, children and their families.

Simple Pricing for Your Business

We are for businesses that care about how they care.
Everyone flies first-class with Comfort Quest.

Team License
Team License

Supercharge your patient experiences with staff support and training.

$249.00 / month
  • Everything in PATIENT LICENSE +
  • Job aids for staff
  • Educational videos
  • Team onboarding
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Quick Setup
Patient License
Patient License

Improve customer satisfaction and increase vaccination rates in children.

$99.00 / month
  • App access for your families
  • Patient plans to your inbox
  • Printable paper-based plans
  • Monthly reporting
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Additional Procedures
Additional Procedures

Need more than vaccinations? Our design team craft experiences for any procedure.

  • Everything in PATIENT LICENSE +
  • Company branding
  • Custom content design
  • Custom chatbot design
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the app after giving it an honest try, just email spud@comfortquest.io before:

  • the 30th day following your purchase, and...
  • before you (or your patients) create 10 comfort plans.

  • We’ll quickly and promptly refund your entire payment.
    We want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.
    (PS: there’s a 90% chance patients will positively be impacted based on previous participants.)

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